Loneliness and isolation go hand-in-hand. As fundamentally social creatures, humans need to interact with one another to communicate, reinforce their mental health, and find support from one another. More than just a state of being sad, loneliness can manifest very real health risks, particularly in our senior loved ones.

As the loneliness epidemic continues to spread throughout America, it comes down to us to better care for our loved ones in their time of need.

Today, our focus is going to be on those most at risk of the consequences of isolation and loneliness.

Isolation and Modern America

In the age of instant communication, it can be difficult to understand how someone could feel lonely. After all, aren’t we always a text or chatroom away from connecting with one another?

While our aging loved ones may have more time for their favorite hobbies and relaxing activities, they are often doing so at a time when their social circles are shrinking. Age-related conditions, friends and loved ones passing away, and a lack of social outgroups can all amplify this issue.

To better combat the potential consequences of senior isolation while supporting our loved ones with loving and compassionate activities, we need to turn to others for assistance.

Let’s highlight a few key ways that you can help your loved one to fight senior loneliness and isolation.

Combat Senior Isolation Through Adult Day Care Centers

According to a study published by the University of California San Francisco, nearly 43% of seniors felt lonely with nearly 59% of that pool also at risk of significant health decline. As potentially damaging as a handful of cigarettes, loneliness is an acute issue among our senior population.

To tend to the needs of your senior aged loved one, an adult daycare center may provide the perfect opportunity for compassionate, high-quality care.

What Is An Adult Day Care Center?

Places like Aliviar Care offer professional care settings that have been designed for senior adults who require professionally supervised care throughout the day. These centers are ideal for seniors and disabled adults to gather, socialize, receive mental and physical stimulation, all while receiving the medical support necessary to live with peace of mind.

The goal of enrolling your senior loved one at an adult daycare center is to offset the need for an institutionalized setting, typically more expensive, while providing support through Quality of Life services. Adult Day Care Centers allow our senior loved ones to live at home longer while still receiving high-quality care!

How Can Adult Care Centers Combat Senior Isolation?

Centers like Aliviar Care provide engaging and personalized care plans to ensure that the needs of each client are met where it matters most. Let’s highlight a few ways that isolation can be addressed within the setting of daycare for senior adults.

  • Build a Social Group – Senior care centers are a fantastic place for individuals to connect. Your loved ones will make new friends, connections, and memories as they engage with their care plan.
  • Unique and Engaging Activities – One of the best ways to combat isolation in seniors is to maintain an active and engaging schedule. Aliviar Care provides their daytime residents with entertaining activities such as social clubs, movies at the onsite theatre, and even book clubs. Every guest is met where they are comfortable with the social activities that they enjoy.
  • Constant Professional Support – Isolation is more than just feeling alone, it’s also feeling abandoned in your time of need. Daycare centers provide seniors with constant access to the medical professionals they need to feel better, live better, and enjoy a calmer peace of mind.
  • Stay With the Family – Daycare centers are a particularly effective solution for addressing senior isolation. This is due to the fact that daycare centers make it so that seniors can still live at home with their families instead of in a full-time institutionalized facility.

Combatting senior isolation is a task that has never been more important. There are simply too many fantastic ways to address this issue for our loved ones to sit and suffer silently. Address senior isolation while improving your own peace of mind by blending assisted living and in-home care at a daily adult day care center like Aliviar Care!

Learn More About Aliviar Care

Aliviar Care Senior Life Centers provide seniors throughout Central Florida with a new way to spend their day. Built from the ground up by sons and daughters, Alviar Care Adult Day Care Centers provide state-of-the-art, engaging and compassionate care to seniors throughout the day.

Staffed by a bilingual team of licensed and certified professionals, Aliviar Care supports your loved ones in a number of beneficial ways while providing you with peace of mind.

  • Engaging Companion Care
  • Exciting and Fun Activities
  • Licensed and Certified Professionals
  • Health & Wellness
  • Daily Meals
  • Medication Management by Licensed Nurses

Aliviar Care Senior Life Centers promise personalized plans of care designed around the unique needs of each individual. To combat senior isolation while helping your senior loved ones live better, contact Aliviar Care to learn more!