Our Story

We built Aliviar Care with the comfort of our own family in mind.

Mom retired a few years ago after working for over thirty years. She is still in good health and enjoys spending time with her family and friends but when we are at work, her grandchildren are in school, and her friends aren’t available, she doesn’t have much to do. 

This concerned us. After a collective forty years in the healthcare industry, we understand how critical it is to fill the social void in order to stay healthy, the importance of keeping your mind occupied and staying active, and never questioning your own self-worth and abilities.

No one wants to retire to be lonely or depressed. Retirement should be about enjoying yourself. And this is exactly what we want for Mom. 

So with her guidance, Aliviar Care came to life. Her exacting standards helped us create an environment that she herself would enjoy. 

Now we know Mom has a place to spend her days engaged and happy, making new friends, learning new things, and just having fun. And isn’t that exactly what we all want for ourselves and our loved ones?

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life of our participants and to ensure they remain as independent and healthy as possible so they can remain at home with their family and loved ones.

Our Promise to Families and Caregivers

We promise peace of mind and much needed respite knowing your loved one will remain independent for as long as possible and spend their days at our center engaged, happy, making new friends, learning new things, and just having fun. We spend time with your loved one, getting to know them like our own family. We keep you, families and caregivers, informed and involved so you have the peace of mind that your loved one is safe and cared for in the same way you would care for them.

Our Promise to Participants

At Aliviar Care Senior Life Centers our participants engage in recreational and social activities, laugh with friends, and can maintain their independence. We are committed to providing the participants we serve with an impeccable experience in the most fun, caring, and respectful environment possible. We promise to do our best today and strive to be even better tomorrow.